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Arizona Wing Waxers offers a complete line of exterior and interior aircraft detailing services, guaranteed to make your aircraft look its best.  Keeping your single engine or corporate jet aircraft in first-class condition returns several benefits:


Traveling in an aircraft that has been detailed instills a sense of calmness.  You value safe, comfortable and relaxing flying in a clean aircraft You and your passengers fly with confidence and the knowledge that your aircraft’s exterior and interior have been restored to like new condition.  Keeping you aircraft in top-notch condition is our goal at Arizona Wing Waxers !

Detailing prevents corrosion and lowers maintenance costs.  A clean, polished finish on the aircraft exterior improves aircraft performance and reduces the drag coefficient of your aircraft.  The results are a faster aircraft, and may lead to better fuel economy.

More Money
Protects your investment.  With regular cleaning, the PTFE sealant maintains the value of your aircraft.  With regular cleaning, you can preserve the overall condition when its time to sell.  Your aircraft is a major investment and as an aircraft owner you demand the best.  At Arizona Wing Waxers, we enhance the appearance and long-term value of your aircraft. 

Exterior Detailing 

The aircraft is swept clean of dust and grit using a Duster.  The aircraft surfaces are then thoroughly debugged and degreased.

Next all upper surfaces are deoxidized after which the residue is thoroughly sponged off into a container. PTFE Sealant is applied and polished to a 
brilliant shine.  The aircraft's  belly surfaces are sealed with Wing Waxers  combination deoxidize and PTFE product.  Unlike a common wax or polish that will deteriorate in just a few months, Wing Waxers PTFE Sealant will cure to form a thermal plastic resin to last well over a year in most cases.

All rubber surfaces i.e. tires de-ice boots etc, are treated with Wing Waxers protectant, which unlike silicone based products will actually feed the rubber without drying it out.

All windows are cleaned using an approved Plexiglas cleaner.

Interior Detailing

Our interior detailing process consist of cleaning interior Windows, Instrument Panel & Lenses, Headliner, Brow, Interior Plastics, Seats & Door Panels, as well as extraction cleaning of all carpets and upholstery.

Aircraft Polishing 

We have mastered the art of polishing all aluminum planes far beyond reasonable expectations. We've developed and refined our own system to enable us to offer you a show quality chrome appearance for your aircraft. From start to finish we actually utilize up to 3 different machines, 5 different applicators and 4 different products to achieve "show quality" results.  We polish aircraft paint and aluminum leading edges and have years of experience polishing Gulfstreams, Hawkers, Falcons, and Citations.

 Give us a call to eliminate that chip, peel, scratch, ding, dent or surface corrosion on your aircraft. 

We are known as one of the leaders in this industry and we are continuously striving for excellence. 

We look forward to serving you and improving the appearance of your aircraft.  For further information or detailed quotation please contact:

Steve St. John
Office:  623-225-7099
Fax:      623-215-7154

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