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Arizona Wing Waxers
is pleased to offer high-quality aircraft, automotive, and marine detailing service.  As a full-service firm, we provide state-of-the art polishing, interior, and exterior cleaning.  We know the importance of keeping your aircraft and vehicles aesthetically pleasing.

We are one of a nationwide network of professionals who provide the highest quality, reliability, and consistent service in detailing.  Whether working on a single engine plane, business jet, or other vehicle we take pride in the things that set us apart from many other detail providers:

  • Products and methods are constantly reviewed, so that only the safest and most effective are used.  A quality finish with exceptional protection.
  • Experienced detail employees (2+ years detail experience) that must follow a very in-depth training program.  Guaranteed total customer satisfaction.
  • Services offered are much more extensive than those of other detail companies.
  • Our employees are passionate about aviation and about making your aircraft look great.

No Job too Big

We look forward to serving you and improving the appearance of your aircraft.  For further information or detailed quotation please contact:

Steve St. John
Office:  623-225-7099
Fax:      623-215-7154

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